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Diabetes Conference

I sometimes wonder if I am in a different universe to other people. The photo above is a from a diabetes conference that my partner (also a nurse) attended last week. It was a really good conference apparently with interesting discussions including research regarding dietary interventions and even health coaching!

However, the delegates were given cakes at every break and lunch was sandwiches and crisps. What is going on!! The food was provided by the drug reps who were sponsoring the conference. The charitable part of me likes to think that they just provided what they knew would be popular and was easy and cheap to obtain. Medical professionals like everyone else are usually happy to eat free cake. If I were feeling less charitable, I might think that the drug reps want everyone to be diabetic to sell more drugs, but I don’t really think that was their intention, I just don’t think that they thought about it. 

I suppose I just find it a bit sad that the doctors, nurses and dietitians don’t fully realise that our diet affects our health and we need to lead by example. I am not saying that we should never eat cake, but they had provided it at every break and there wasn’t even any fruit as an alternative, except to garnish the cake.

I do find it exciting that mainstream health is starting to embrace diet as a way to improve health conditions and diabetes is a great example of that, with NHS advice now including a lower-carb approach for type 2 diabetics to optimise blood glucose levels and to acheive a healthy weight. It is now accepted that it is possible to put type 2 diabetes into remission by losing weight, either with a lower-carb diet, low calorie diet or a Mediterranean diet. If we can improve our weight and food choices, then this will also help with many other conditions.

As a health coach, I am able to support clients with these goals and to make healthy eating a reality for their lives. I can take into account their specific situation and needs to come up with an individualised plan that really works for them.

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